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Neha Lohia, A Woman Filmmaker from India who lives in the USA, uses her films, and content as mediums to say heart-centered stories that aim to heal, bring people together, and help raise consciousness.

Animated Film Project: The Voice of Spirit [In Pre-Production]

From L to R: Neurologist Dr. Candice J Perkins, Filmmaker Neha Lohia, Author Kelly Tallaksen
Animated Film: The Voice of Spirit (Click here for more info)
Aug 30th 2023 - Project Announcement in Press

Film Project: "Who Am I?" -Documentary

[In Post Production]
This project has been in production and filming since March 2022. As of August 2023 it has entered its post production stage, where we are editing and working with unique music creation. The pitching stage for various distribution avenues worldwide would begin by the end of 2023.

“Who am I” is an immersive and thought-provoking documentary series that invites viewers on a profound journey of self-discovery.

At its core, the series explores the universal and timeless question that has puzzled humanity throughout the ages: “Who am I?”

Through a rich tapestry of personal stories, insights, and experiences, we delve into the diverse perspectives of individuals from all walks of life, spanning different countries, cultures, and age groups.

Our aim is to create a deeply immersive experience that goes beyond intellectual discussions, inviting viewers to embark on their own introspective exploration of personal identity.

By delving into the individual journeys of our participants, we hope to inspire self-reflection, ignite a sense of curiosity, and ultimately uncover the profound truths that lie within each one of us.

Neha Lohia, the creator and Director of “Who Am I?” is graciously and wholeheartedly supported from 120+ participants from all over the world, her core technical teams, and various highly skilled people and energies involved in bringing this project to life. As she follows her inner guidance, more and more like-hearted people join in and get involved at the perfectly divine timing with this project.

“This question “Who Am I?” is so pertinent and essential and it needs to be asked now more than ever, If you would like to participate in this project in any capacity please reach out. I look forward to your support to co-create this vision”.

YASHODHARA The Buddha's Wife (Trailer)
- A short film by neha lohia




World Premiere at 12th Queens World Film Festival in New York. USA. Nov 2022 | Virtual Fest on Filmfestivalflix Nov-Dec 22
Special Show at The Tibetan Museum in the USA. Dec 2022
Clermont Ferrand Film Market. Jan - Feb 2023 (Europe)
Historical show at Shyalpa Monastery in Nepal. March 2022
Press Screening in Mumbai, India. April 2023

Our Film "Yashodhara The Buddha's Wife"
is Touring by Invitations to Various Nations.

To Invite and host our film
"Yashodhara The Buddha's Wife"
For A SPECIAL SHOW in your country
For your Event / Community/ Organisation
Contact Us and
We will be honoured to bring it to you.

World Premiere of the film at 12th Annual Queens World Film Festival in New York. USA.

      Fri, Nov 4, 2022. USA

Special Show of the film at Jacques Marchais Museum Of Tibetan Art in New York. USA

Sun, Dec 11, 2022. USA

Official Inclusion in 45th Annual Clermont Ferrand Film Festival Market in Europe.

      Jan 27 – Feb 4, 2023. 


Screening in Nepal

at Shyalpa Monastery

on 25th Dakini Day and Historical Event of 1st Monastic Invocation

   Fri, March 17, 2023. Nepal

Private Screening in Mumbai, India

    Sat, April 8, 2023. India

Official Selection Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2023

    Sun, April 20, 2023. India

Media Interactions of
Neha Lohia's film Yashodhara The Buddha's Wife
from the press screening in Mumbai, India and Special Screening in Nepal

Candid Conversation between
Director Neha Lohia
Executive Editor Amit Tyagi
(India Today Group)

Watch New York Premiere (Nov 2022)
Press and Media Coverage videos below

Some Latest Projects (2023)
Made In Heaven Season 2 Promo
India Day Parade in New York

Filmmaker Neha Lohia and Sadhvi Ji at the India Day Parade 2023 representing Women, Spirituality, Art and India in New York. Read Times of India article here

We are all here to create... and each creation moves something in our beings.
we are created by the creator to create!
That's how I strongly feel...

Personally, I love to create and share stories, ideas, observations that move and inspire me using any medium that feels right to express it best. Films are my favourite medium though!

Discover Your Personal Style of storytelling and the Joy That Comes with It.

Filmmaking, Writing, Poems, drawings, paintings are all crafts which are powerful mediums in themselves to help communicate any ideas, product, story, offering, self image or anything that we wish to convey to the world outside. Once you find your own mix and style there is a unique sense of fulfillment that accompanies the manifesting of these held visions into reality.  

Personally, I love filming, creating or capturing moments and ideas using my camera is meditation for me. I also love to scribble, doodle, write and paint! 

GOT Some ideas? I’d be glad to listen and find my own ways to contribute and help co-create if you wanted to discuss this further.

Some of my Films

Films are a way for me to live more than 1 life in this very lifetime! There is no better medium in my understanding that helps heal and transform the way cinema does, It is a very meditative experience for me, this entire process of creation, execution, sharing of stories in this way. Films make us laugh, cry, remember, understand, learn, empathise, sympathise, vent, release, and overall they have the power to motivate us to take the corrective action.. Films can make us act, and act consciously! thats all that matters to me as a heart-centered person, this is my effort to simply say stories from my heart that may touch open many more hearts and bring forth what is truly inside each one of us

Yashodhara The Buddha's Wife (Short Film)
IDK (Short FIlm)
Masked and Breathless (Silent short film)
Exhale - A Short Documentary
WHO AM I? (Experential Documentary - WIP)
Some of my books

Sometimes we heal by getting lost... lost in the pages of books, submerged in the words, arts, imaginings... to me it feels great! sharing gratefully.

My Work and Offerings

Books & Art

My line art based quotes and colouring book series with 3 books under the titles Dear God, Dear Doc & Dear Mom are available now on Amazon worldwide. More books on self-help, picture stories, and poetry with art coming as soon as I finish editing!
Publishing enquiries - Email me

Films & Serieses

Curated stories from observing life and its inspiring ideas presented as short films, web series, features and commissioned projects. Covering Film studios work, advertising, fashion, social and cultural content, personal musings and more...

Workshop & Courses

Offering workshops to women across the globe aimed towards deepening understanding of self and empowering the feminine. Meditative practises merging ancient eastern + modern western tools
Online Courses - Coming soon.

Field's of Expertise!

I am a storyteller at heart and a filmmaking student for life, I write, Direct, Produce & Film original content comprising of but not limited to Short films, Documentary, Feature Films, Silent films, Web or TV series, Advertising, Social and Cultural content to anything that’s creatively calling.  

I write, illustrate and create Colouring & Quote books series, Children’s Picture story books, Chapter books, Adult fiction, Self-help books, Cooking & Nutrition books, Poems, Doodled quotes and more…

I am a commercial artist by education and I create line arts for colouring books, Fully illustrated poems, Character driven story books, Doodled arts, Quotes and more that inspires me. I also use various forms of art in my films and love to experiment and mix the mediums up!

I am a trained women’s coach for  meditative practises and I am a certified Transformational Nutrition Coach from USA. I am also trained in music, art forms, Photography, meditative inner work, eastern philosophy, Yoga & Ayurveda, Cooking forms, Vegan living and many eastern and western practises all of which I mix up to create workshops & courses that I offer when I feel called. 

I Have The Good Fortune To Work With Major Film Studios to Fresh Rising Talent.

Had the good fortune to learn from, serve and work with some highly sought after world leading organisations like Twentieth Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Alliance Media, Reliance Entertainment,  GroupM Media & Entertainment, Disney, Lowe Lintas and many more prestigious firms which expanded my experiences with the art and craft of creative expressions via film, cinema, story telling & content as a medium. It gave me opportunities to work on some of the biggest, finest and best films in history of filmmaking yet

I Intend To Help You Manifest your creative Ideas Regardless of Project Size.

I am a multi-passionate creator. I love to offer myself to this energy (Shakti) of creation which takes many forms to express itself, moving films, still photographs, written books & poems, drawn arts, music etc and its often fueled by meditations, silences, personal mind body heart practises that form all my other musings. If you feel there is a creative idea which you wish to co-create then let’s collaborate! 


Contact Me

Creative Direction

Feel Free To Reach Out For Conceptual Discussions And The Expression Of Ideas Via Film, Writing, Art, Photoshoot, Advertising, Workshops or Speaking Engagements or For Enquiry About My Published Books, Media or Any Other Professional Collaborations.

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